Irony is often criticized as distancing us from real life. But sometimes, that ironic distance is just what we need to put our lives in perspective, to see the conflicts between what we say and what we do. Jesus calls us out for hypocrisy, and the Spirit calls us to integrity.

So, Who’s Closed on Thanksgiving?

Give thanks for these retail chains who’ve made the decision to close on Thanksgiving Day to allow their employees to spend time with their families. This year, consider NOT shopping at all Thanksgiving Day… and MAYBE even “Black Friday,” too. Think what else could you do for yourself and your family with that time instead. (And spare a prayer for those who have to work those days!)

One Holiday, and Countless Ways to Say Thanks

A sweetly beautiful article on giving thanks at Thanksgiving, perhaps our least commercialized (save by the turkey industry) and most authentically holy American holy-day.

Gratitude is a feat of perspective. When I talked with other people recently about their ways and whys of giving thanks, I was most struck by how often their rituals arose from travails, not triumphs. Hardship was handmaiden to an examination of all that remained good, all that they should cling tight to.